In the Spotlight ! 

Our "Spotlighted" member is Claudia Davis!

Click here to get to know more about her.

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Former Spotlighted Members:
     Ellie and Margin Stout
   Mary Reynolds
Barbara Taylor 
   Richard Grenier 
   Eugene Thomas 
   Mary and Goldie Anderson 
   Della Hodge 
   Jann Cummings
   Janet Lorie
   Yvonne Griffiths
   Louise and Larry Werner
   Marjorie Rhodes
   Pat Crigler
   Marge Fangman
   James and Ramona Ferrante
   Barb and Frank Follett
   Dolores Kirsch
   Sandy Augugliario
   Karen Cavanaugh
   Mary Anne Fitch
   Jim and De Sosnowski
    June Byrne
    Daniela Wyatt
    Carolee & Clive
    Vivian Wise
    Cheryl Hurst
    Lori Tamblingson
    Margaret Burnside
    Jackie Morse
    Beth Mitchell
    Gloria Williams    
Caroline Rumney
    Shirley Strickland
    Claire Pruneau
    Debbie Milliron
    Nancy Frost
    Caroljean Towler
    Peggy Waibel
    Pam Braun
    Justina and Maribel
Joy Rohan
    The Burbanks
    The Swansons
    Marge Hendon
    Donna Gregg
    Shirley Kilpatrick
    Sherrie Jordan
    Michel Northsea
    Dawn Carol Bender
    Pam Morgan
    Laura Perdomo
    Betty Costa 
Beth Bosse 
Annette Harris 
Carol Williams                 
Carol William's Special Friends  
Carol Carpenter

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