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2015 AVSA Convention from Kansas City, Kansas

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here to view the results of the 70th AVSA Convention, "Violets Love KC Jazz, Blues, and Barbecue!" which was held May 24-31 Kansas City, Missouri at the KCI Center Expo.  Check the African Violet Society of America (AVSA) website for details under the 'Convention' tab. You can view their website and obtain more information by clicking here.

New AVSA Survey! Joyce Stork ask me to post this so here it is.
All members are invited to participate in the latest AVSA survey to get input on several slogans developed by the AVSA Membership and Promotion committee. Your comments will help the committee to select a slogan that will be effective to use as we work to build membership. The survey is fairly short and quick to complete. Thanks for your help! 8/23/14

2013 AVSA Convention from Austin, Texas

Please click here to view the results of the 67th AVSA Convention, "Violets Dance Across Texas!"

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here to view a photo show of the 67th AVSA Convention, "Violets Dance Across Texas!"  This show was created by Carolee Carter who went to this 2013 convention.

Pictures of the 2010 AVSA Convention

Please click here to open the PDF file with the 2010 AVSA Convention pictures!

Pictures of the 2009 AVSA Convention
AVSA Best In Show Winners:

AVSA Best in Show is Broadway Star Trail by Bill Price

AVSA 2nd Best in Show is Ma's Cosmic Wonder by Catherine Thompson

AVSA 3rd Best in Show is Lyon's June Bug by Lorna Russell

AVSA Best Other Gesneriad is Sinn. Cardinalis 'Innocent' by Bill

AVSA Design winners:

AVSA Best Design in Show is a small interpretive flower design by Heather Morgan.  The topic was "Place Your Bets".

AVSA 2nd Best Design in Show is a container garden (sorry the lighting is not good on this one).

AVSA 3rd Best Design in Show is an interpretive plant design by BJ Ohme The topic was "Lights, Glitz and Glamour".

Purple Violet


 Pink Violet 1



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