Recommended African Violet Books

    Thyme with Violets
         This lovely keepsake cookbook was put together by the African Violet Society
         of Springfield, Delaware County, Pennsylvania with 650 receipes from African
         violet enthusiasts from all over the US.   This special recipe book was sold at 
         the AVSA National Convention in Raleigh, NC.   It is no longer available.  
         However, if you want your very own copy or to give as a special gift please
         call Linda at 352-351-3639 for a brand new copy. 

Growing to Show 
        by Pauline Bartholomew & AVSA   (available through AVSA)
         YOU CAN Grow African Violets 
        by Kent and Joyce Stork  (available through Amazon & AVSA)

Insect Pests and Diseases of the African Violet Family 
        by Nancy Robitaille  (available through Green Thumb Press)


     African Violets – Back to Basics: Your Questions Answered 
        by Melvin Robey  (available through Amazon Amazon)

     African Violets: Gifts from Nature 
        by Melvin Robey  (available through Amazon Amazon)

    The African Violet Handbook 
        by Tony Clements  (available through Amazon Amazon) 


 Pink Violet 1



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