President’s Podium

April 2015


Dear AVCO Members and Friends,


     Congratulations on a very successful first AVSA juried African violet
show!  The show was absolutely beautiful!!  Based on their feedback, the
public enjoyed the educational aspects.  You all came together as a wonderful
team and made the show and sale happen!  I am so proud of all of you and
our wonderful club!!!


     Thank you to all of you who contributed your time and talents to
create a fantastic show and sale!  We made many new friends and had a
great time!  We all learned a lot as well.


     Moving forward, our program this month is "Violets 101 - Part 1."
This is sure to be a very educational and interesting program.  Basic
information along with advanced tips will be shared and demonstrated.
We'll speak about quarantining your plants after purchase/show as well.
Feel free to bring your questions and any plants for which you need advice or
that you just want to show off!


     There will be a special treat this Saturday as we were able to bring
back some plants from the Dixie sale last week from Lyndon Lyons
Greenhouse, and we are offering them for sale to AVCO members and friends.
These violets and other plants will be available for purchase from 10:05
am until 10:25 am before the meeting, possibly at break, and after the


     Everyone enjoys the raffle so bring those plants and leaves!


     See you all this Saturday, April 25th!



Refreshment Volunteers:  Dani Wyatt, Beth Mitchell, Debbie Milliron, Vivian Ball



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