President's Podium October 2017 - Meeting October 28

Solar eclipse coming August 21, 2017 - Don't view it with naked eye though!

Welcome back AVCO members and guests!

It has been a long stretch of warm to very hot temperatures.  Many of you have expressed even though your violets are in the air conditioning they seem to know about the heat outside.  Certainly, even with the air conditioners running nearly non-stop our homes are still much warmer than in the fall to early spring time frame.

Now is a great time to groom and repot your plants.  For those of you planning to show plants or create designs for the Fall African Violet Council of Florida show and sale, now is a good time to review your plants and plans if you have not already.   We are about 12 weeks away from the show date if you are reading this the first We are about 12 weeks away if you are reading this the first of August.  

I am very pleased to announce a special guest for the month of August.  She is presenting our program on Streptocarpus.   She is an expert grower and shower and we are excited to learn a lot from her experiences and presentation!    

Please bring those extra plants, leaves and treasures for the raffle table.   Everyone enjoys the raffle and it is a great way to support our club! 

A special Thank You to our refreshment volunteers this month:  Elizabeth Burbank, Suzanne Burbank, Pat Crigler, Marge Fangman, Beth Fortune and Carol Berta.  

Look forward to seeing you all Saturday, August 26th!  

Happy Growing, Linda


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