President's Podium June 2017

Happy Father's Day to all of our members that are Fathers! 

Congratulations to everyone that entered the design and/or horticulture division of the 71st annual African Violet Society of America convention in Orlando, Florida!  It was fantastic!  Also our tea cozies received rave reviews and the Chairman in charge of the gift bags, Bobbi J., was esctatic with our contribution.  She sends a huge shout out of "Thank you!" to our members.

It is that time of year again when the club votes for our slate of officers for the upcoming year.  Elizabeth Burbank has been busy as Nomination Chair and presents the nominated officers:  Secretary: Carol Carpenter, Treasurer:  Jann Cummings, Director: Sue Schwambach, Vice President: Diane Otis, President: Linda Schwambach.  We will have a brief installation ceremony of the new board at the June meeting.

Please bring those extra plants and treasures for the raffle table.  Everyone enjoys the raffle and it is a great way to support our club!

Thank you to our refreshment volunteers this month:  Carol and Mark Lewis, Eugene Thomas, Mary Reynolds, Sue Sinnamon, Glenda and Aaron Hertz, and Georgiana Kraus!

Looking forward to seeing you all Saturday, June 24th!

Happy growing,


 Pink Violet 1



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