African Violet Club of Ocala
             An Affiliate of the African Violet Society of America ( 
                                          Presents its November Meeting
                 "Leaf Extravaganza"
  November 22, 2014 
10:30 am at the Marion County Sheriff's Office (Brian Litz Sheriff's Substation),
9048 SW Highway 200, Ocala, Florida 34476

This particular workshop program is becoming a popular annual event.  We learn how to propagate our popular African violets by leaf cuttings, pot the leaves up, and then how to care for the leaves.   Each member actually "puts down" a variety of six to a dozen leaves during this workshop.   Please bring newspapers to protect our work areas and keep the tables clean.   All other materials and plants will be provided.   You are welcome to bring your own as well.  This is a very popular workshop/meeting and you don't want to miss the chance to learn and enlarge your collection, as well as grow to share with the rest of the members.

Our Founder and Past President, Carolee Carter, stars in Adrienne "Annie" Riech's 84th episode of "All About African Violets".   Watch this fun and informative interview with our very special, Carolee Carter, current AVCO member!!!

We had a marvelous time at the African Violet Council of Florida (AVCF) fall show and sale field trip on October 25th.  For more information please click here.  As soon as pictures are available they will also be posted here.  The theme was "Violets of the Opera".  Additionally to check out AVCF's website please click here.

One of our talented members penned this beautiful poem about 
African Violets!

New AVSA Survey!    Joyce Stork ask me to post this so here it is.
All members are invited to participate in the latest AVSA survey to get input on several slogans developed by the AVSA Membership and Promotion committee. Your comments will help the committee to select a slogan that will be effective to use as we work to build membership. The survey is fairly short and quick to complete. Thanks for your help!  8/23/14

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The African Violet Club of Ocala (AVCO) exists to bring together African violet and other gesneriad fanciers in the north central Florida area for the purpose of learning more about the care of our most popular houseplant. In the process of this endeavor, we are making new friends.  We were formed in January 2007 by a small, dedicated group of enthusiastic African violet fanciers led by Carolee Carter.  For more information on the benefits of club membership please click here. If you have any questions write a note to us from our website contact page or contact our club President, Linda Schwambach, at 352-351-3639.  Be sure to check the tab labeled President's Podium for the latest news and information. 
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