The African Violet Club of Ocala
                               An Affiliate of the African Violet Society of America
                                                Presents the next Meeting
                         "Violet Essentials 101 Part II"
                                       May 28, 2016

at 10:30 am at the
Marion County Sheriff's Office (Brian Litz Sheriff's Substation)
9048 SW Highway 200, Ocala, Florida 34476

Our program this month is about the basics of growing African violets.   So if you
are a newbie or starting over again with African violets you don't want to miss this
meeting.  Experienced growers share some of their tips and secrets as well.  All
levels of growers from novice to highly experienced are guaranteed to learn
something new.   We'll discuss some tips on what to do with your show plants
when you bring them back home and also what to do with plants you purchased
at the show and sale.  For more information call Linda at 352-351-3639.   Delicious
refreshments are served and guests are always welcome!  

Nominations via the Nominating Committee for the 2016 - 2017 AVCO year:  Director at Large:  Peggy

Waibel, Secretary:  Carol Carpenter, Treasurer:  Nancy Frost,  Vice President:  Diane Otis, President: 

Linda Schwambach.

To view pictures of our show, themed, "High School Memories with Violets"
held April 8-9, 2016 please go to our facebook page or click on a button below.

The show was a juried show according to the standards of the African Violet
Society of America.

To view and print the African Violet Grower's Timing Schedule please click here.
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Join me in perusing a wealth of great information throughout this website.  The African Violet Club of Ocala (AVCO) exists to bring together African violet and other gesneriad fanciers in the north central Florida area for the purpose of learning more about the care of our most popular houseplant.  We are making new friends in the process of our endeavors!  For more information on the benefits of club membership please click here.  If you have any questions feel free to contact our club President, Linda Schwambach, at 352-351-3639 or write a note to us using the information on our our website contact page.  Be sure to check the tab labeled President's Podium for the latest news and information. 
Come back often!   And now sit back with your favorite tea or coffee and get started perusing the website.  Enjoy!

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